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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Journee' On Traffic PART 2

This is a Empress Journee' scientific FACT! People who drive with their hands on ten and two Photobucket.... Are NOT driving the speed limit! In fact they are driving 10 below it! & they are really going to start traffic! & they are really the cause of road rage everywhere. I SAID IT!

AND people people people.... Please take this next lesson from me & remember it when your driving. If you are on a four lane street. Two going north Two going south (Or what have you). And there is two solid yellow lines or median Photobucket . A road like this.... If a bus stops on the opposite side of the road then you are on. You don't have to stop... They can't pick kids up from the opposite side of the road. They will have to come back around and pick them up. So only the lane that has to stop is the one going in the same direction as the bus. Not all damn four! Come on people put your thinking cap on! People.


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