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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Words Journee’ Don’t Like

I know the people who are close to me hear me moan bitch and complain about these words on a everyday base. But now its time to let the world know what’s on my mind. I really have a problem with three words…. They have taken over as some type of new vernacular. Which really bloody ticks me off. You see these three words just rubs me the wrong way. Hate is such a strong word. So I think I’m going to insert it right here…… I BLOODY HATE…. These words……

1) Gwoop
{For those who don‘t know what “Gwoop“ means. it’s a slang word for money. Where it came from is beyond me. But I do wish it will go back.}

I don’t care what anyone says “Gwoop” sounds like one of those old folks illnesses. (Hay I‘m from the south. & Over the years I‘ve noticed that older folk down here have their own names for everything…. {ex. “O she just got a little nip“} I have yet to find out what “Nip“ is lol. )

You still want me to prove my theory?


Me: Granny how you feeling today.
Granny: Well you know that Gwoop is bothering my back Photobucket . But I put some baby powder and oat meal on it. It will be all right.

[That was my made up example. But after I originally wrote this… I decided to try it in real life when the opportunity came up. I was talking to my grandmother who I like to say lives in the swamps of SC lol (far off the main road…) & she gave me the perfect opportunity…]

Me: How you been granny.
Granny: Well I’ve been alright. But you know the cold weather hurts my knees.
Me: Really? You not getting that “Gwoop” are you?
Granny: Yeah I might be….
Now do I feel bad for treating my granny…. Yes but I had to test my theory in real life… And prove the name fits.

Yes its that deep to me lol. The word “Gwoop” also sounds like a slang name for SNOT.

“ Man get a tissue and wipe that gwoop off your nose”

The damn word just sounds nasty.

Now the next two words I’m going to use together.

2)Coochie and Swagga


Coochie” The WORSE. And Swagga sounds like some type of V.D.


“Yo, I hope you aint fuck with LaQuinta! She got that swagga in her coochie! Had the whole hood in the clinic.“

“Damn, I’m happy I aint fuck wit her. You know that swagga makes your nuts fall off….”

Just nasty…..

I have now up set myself…… By even using these words to prove my point. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Please know this is only part one… More words to come.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Lol I'm so with you on this and I don't use any of those words!

laine_cakes said...

lmaooo i love the blog!!.. i hate
"swagga" also .. glad 2 c sum1 argees wif me

KayJay said...

This is officially my favorite blog....
Like, the 6th one in a row, where you hit the nail on the head.

Gwop: I've only said it for 3 months.
Coochie: Of all the slag terms for virgina, this one is the worst.
Swagga: Self-explanitory (Check out my '08 Wrap-Up for my POV)

The ebonics of the last 5-8 years are so wack, I've insisted on still using the slang I grew up on.....

chavita!!! said...

lmao @ the word Gwoop!!! it just rolls off the tongue so nasty ughhh

Empress Journee' said...

That word still errrrrrrrrrrks me.

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