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Thursday, February 19, 2009



I am officially done....! Do the bloody Stanky Leg..... Now can anyone out there tell me....


Would I want to do a dance that states something on my body stank. Who thinks of shit like this? I don't even look at this as being creative. I see this as some lazy ass thinking. What happen? A chick walked by who leg's may not have been the freshest... And what you make a dance up about it. Now how is that helping this young lady? I tell you its not. Her leg is still going to stank. And on top of her mursty ass leg you going to be looking dumb doing this dance. Supporting her FUNK! I refuse to support such foolishness. And how the hell he get close enough to her leg to know it stank. Further more. How can one's leg stank? Maybe its another body part.
Will there be a dance next week talking about?
Do the funky ass.
Shake your moldy cooch....
Bounce dem mursty ballz.
I just don't understand where this foolishness is coming from. Please help me to understand.


NightFall914 said...

Yeah I blogged on this bullshit too.
These lil kids can have there lame ass dances.
I'll be in the 25 and up lounges anyway.

Empress Journee' said...

Yeah I feel you lol. I don't even go clubs if they are 18 and up or hell now even 21 and up. lol. I don't want to see no one over the age of 25 doing this foolishness. I will throw a straw at them lol. For real.

Kiwi said...

Short bus riders indeed!

just jaleesa. said...

i saw this video on mtv2 yesterday and i'm assuming this is the reason why they don't play videos anymore like they should. music today sucks ass. its like they can make songs about ANYTHING now n days that don't make no sense whatsoever.

SiMPLYxMAi said...

i did the same post on this a couple weeks back. it's so stupid! honestly i agree with you.. WHY?!! they must let everything on the radio now.

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