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Saturday, February 21, 2009

How it started. Introducing Ozy Reigns.....

I was going to wait a little while to intro my best friend. But hell why wait. I met my best friend O about four or five years ago randomly, when he was just Ozy. A little bit before I started to take my career from a DJPhotobucketto promoter. We use to play this hip hop game we made up. (How started or who made it up. I have NO idea. It was the most random thing ever!) Who had more hip hop knowledge then the other. LOL. (I spanked him. He may tell it a little diff. LIES) Anyway. One day I woke up and was like "I'm going to be a indie hop hop promoter!" Yeah it wasn't a well thought out plan. I just woke up and said I would do it. {Well it was a wee bit deeper but that's not a Ozy story. Its one for another day.} So my 1st show was crazy. Musically & weather wise. Photobucket. On everything. All day it was overly pretty all day!!!! Not too hot. Sun was bright bright. Then I lie to you not. Right after I finished getting my hair and make up done. I was walking to the car. & the bottom of the sky fell out. I was caught in a Monsoon! It was still a packed house. But I had to re-do the show. If only to have better pics lol. Everyone had got rained on. I would drop the one pic I was in... But hell I look crazy. (It was a long night) lol. Anywho the 2nd show is where i'm trying to get to.
[ But you guys know I like getting side tracked lol.
Photobucket This is the show I talked Ozy into coming to the QC for. Because we have some ill ass rappers in our city. And trust they were all on the bill. But Ozy has a different style. It's crazy. And now that I think about it. That show was even crazy-errrrrrrrr then the 1st. Complete with our own crack head hype man. (We named him "white T guy")
That show started our bond!Photobucket
From that day on we were musically inseparable.

Me being the chick I am! I can't do the same thing all the time. If your not growing in life and as a person. Then what are you doing? So I made the change from promoter to personal promoter. And Ozy having that never ending support of me and my dreams! He signed on to be one of my 1st artist. Since then we've don't countless shows. Photobucket. <Random side thought. I really don't like Jon B. He can eat a dick!>Photobucket
And he over the years have become one of my bestest friends ever. I don't know he keeps me grounded & focused. He let's me make my mistakes. & never says "I told you so!" Well maybe he says it. But I know the place it's coming from. & hell he most likely did tell me. LOL. But our friendship is far from being one sided. I believe in his talent! He is not a fly by night artist. Out here snapping his fingers. Or doing some dumb ass dance. He is really saying something. Not just ridding a beat. Making music for the masses. But also making music for the 25 and over people too. I'm honestly tired of music coming out that I can't relate to. The over all random junk they putting out these days. So trust I have no problem shouting my message to the mountain tops. He will take over the music world. And everyone will respect it.
I Almost forgot He acts too....

Over the years I have watched him grown not only with his music. But as a person. There aren't too many people as focused as him. I've watched him go from Ozy to Ozy Reigns. And I see nothing but great things ahead of him. Photobucket (yeah I was natural for a few years.)


And if you don't believe me. Or think I'm just saying these things because he's my best friend. Well hell take it from my mom and brother! They only like Prince and P-Funk.

If you can't tell I love all my friends. And I feel so blessed to have such a strong team in my life. I don't know what I would do without them. (I think I will intro my girls next.)


Make sure you check him out


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