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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Journee's People 2 Watch : Ike Turnah

OK OK OK... I'm so lucky to have friends that stay on their grind. So I have to tell you to watch out for them. And things they have going on.
{I think the world is going to blink and one day my crew's going to run it. LOL. }
But this go round I would like to introduce you to Ike Turnah Photobucket. He is going to be featured on DJ Jamad's Sirius Radio Feb 22,2009 40/XM 67 Hip Hop Nation from 12-2am.

I also write on his blog.....

You get the more educated side of me on there though. I kick some knowledge. And I think the best way to experience this "I.K.E. Turnah" is to peep the blog on the adventure we had a few weeks back lol.
Trust he's not your everyday guy! He named his latest CD "The Unconventional" For a reason! I have excellent taste in music. You wont be disappointed. If you don't believe me here's a taste. One of my fav. Ike tracks.
"Try & test me incorrectly you will get corrected!" That Ike Turnah! I tell ya!


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