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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Day in the life of Empress Journee'

(I know I said I would recap my ATL trip... But honestly I'm still tired and have to pull my thoughts together. So I'm going to go old school again but its a good one...)
Man… Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve had a hellish past four months. I mean all the extra weight I picked up is damn near gone, type stress. (Hay that’s a plus) So on this day I thought I would run away from my problems for a while and go think. So I went to a spot where I find comfort these days….. “Reedy Creek Park” I go because I like the lake and its just a chill spot. I normally go around the lake and swing (hay kids aren’t being kids no more, and don’t know the fun behind just being a kid. So I have to show them how we use to do it. Lol) But today I decided to go on this trail. Just to think and get a fast workout in. So I’m thinking its just going to be a circle. Simple right.
Get some walking in. Get some thinking in. Commune with nature. So I’m walking… And some how the trail turns to another one. And I’m still walking. Then… it starts thundering. I’m like o shit… Because I started to notice that this wasn’t a circle… Not no simple one at lest… I’m walking its thundering… I’m lost…. (note… I got to the park @ 2pm) So I’m lost in these woods… I mean I don’t know what made me want to become nature women… but trust before the next time I will double think that decision. No humans in site…. I’m just wondering… And it made me think… Damn this is how my life’s been for the last four months. I’ve just been wondering around trying to figure out which path to take. What would be the right thing to do. And I started thinking about the question I walked in these woods with. And that’s when I ran into a guy who was running. Who I later dubbed Gazoo Photobucket (like on the flintstones ) because he would pop up @ different points.
(He was Symbolicly like the the person i turn to for help. And advice the most.. my best friend Photobucket if you would.) I asked him if I was going the right way the 1st time. He said there was an opening like a mile up. (RIGHT) so I walk and think some more… Its thundering real bad now… But no rain. I’m just thinking.. This is what the fuck I get for trying to run away from my fucking problems. Then I get to this fork in the road… And me being the true hip hop head I am was like well..Jay Z said “Came to the fork in the road and went straight” But I’m not climbing on no rocks and mini mountains. So that whole idea was dismissed ever so quickly. So I just stood there… Thinking about what I should do.
(There is a point to my story)
So while I was standing at the fork… Photobucket Gazoo ran up again Photobucket. I ask him again… Which way should I go? He looked at me and was like one of them will get you back to the lake. {Like he was saying... I can't make this Decision for you.. Taking it back to the question i started with. }
(Seeing it was just us on this trail I was watching him! Come on Strange white man running in the woods with no other people around trust! Bitch was picking up big rocks every few miles. Lol Just in case I had to bash his skull in. )
But I picked my path on the fork. And went on my marry way… Tripping over some sticks running. Picking paths just trying to make it out ok. Which made me think… DAMN this is truly like real life… That’s what we do everyday. We are running around all day everyday tripping over stuff! Tree stomps vines... Wide paths, small one's. Making mistakes just trying to make it to the end ok. So finally I make it to the sign of the path in which I started on. But it was still no sign stating which direction would take me to the lake. {IE still no help on what I should do about that question...} So I start in one direction but double back. Cause I didn’t think I was going the right way. (Which made me think damn… Maybe the result I came up with to the question I started with wasn’t the right result.) So I turned around and went in the other direction. When I came across 3 people. Which made me think damn signs . I came across three people going where I was coming from. I looked at them in a Symbolic way too... My Girls Photobucket! We started out as three. (Which told me no matter what they have my back! Type thing and I know they do...)
So I was like yeah I’m making the right decision. Then about a mile after I saw them I saw the lake. And I came out Hot, Funky, Sweaty, and tired. But I made it out!!!!!! [which made me think damn you can always make it out ok if you keep ya head up and keep pushing.] And what was odd was it was raining. When I saw a lady and her son. I played with him a little. We raced down mini hills, and he chased me As they helped me get to the parking lot. (When I got un-lost and saw the lake… It was 6:30... Yeah I was lost for HOURS)

Now… The moral of the story is… “NEVER TRY AND RUN FROM YOUR PROBLEMS! It gets you nothing but LOST!!!”

Now the soundtrack of my day is…
Lyfe Jennings Cry
Luther Vandross Going In Circles
Ashanti Foolish
Common Faithful
The Color Purple God’s trying to tell you something
Jay-Z Nigga Please
Jazmine Sullivan Need You Bad


NightFall914 said...

Wow that was one hell of a story but I like how you related it all to life.You can always find positivity in the craziest stuff.

Empress Journee' said...

yeah sit-n lost in the woods on a bench will make you real creative lol. Thanks for reading tho. lol.

KayJay said...


Life has a way of subliminally teaching a lesson, regardless of the circumstances.

Glad you made it out alive!

Empress Journee' said...

Hell you! I sat on that bench (which i found odd that there were these benches all in the woods but no real good maps...) wanting to cry thinking birds were going to attack me at any moment. lol. I'm happy I made it out alive lol. But thanks KayJay

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