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Friday, January 30, 2009

A True Flash Back...

(Yeah I'm going to stop being lazy and write something new... Next week when I get back from my trip... But hell this is a true flashback. 6/25/07 man i looked and looked for clips from this show... But oddly I can't find them. Because they have been removed... But hell I got some pictures from the foolishness)

The Attack On Hip Hop
Now normally I have my mid-day nap when Oprah comes on. So I caught her tonight @ 9 by just flipping. And I was just stuck on the topic. Seeing that I am a Brown woman in hip hop with in the 2G Era I really felt the need to watch. This is not the 1st time I have heard of this topic or had these thoughts.
I'm just really tired of keeping my peace now. So the world is really about to get a peek into the mind of Journee'. I couldn't help but think.... On the Left side. There is some people making some fucked up tracks. Period. But what these "Black Leaders, Writers, Activist" are for the most part trying to take our 1st amendment right from the music game! (YEAH I TOOK IT THERE AND IF YOU DON'T SEE IT AS THAT YOU NEED TO LOOK IT UP...) They are really trying to censor the music we listen to??? What are they going to do next out law dancing??? Have us become the real life foot lose?
Really look at what's going on. I'm not saying that its cool to call someone a bitch and hoe every other word. But you trippin if you don't say there are people out here that truly fit those descriptions! You know who you are and what you act like. So I don't think people should get mad when a rapper calls that female out on her faults to a hot beat. They had those chicks from Spelman siting there like they don't call their class mates bitches and hoes on a daily bases. THEY GO TO A ALL FEMALE SCHOOL... Tell the truth.... "That BITCH stole my brush." "That HOE Stole my man." You just not going tell me that these females don't use bitch hoe and worse on a everyday bases! But since they don't say it over a dance track that makes it aight??? You know the odd thing is who said they were talking about a female when they use those words? It may be me but I call more men these days hoes! Same for bitch! Male or female, I think the people who take offense just happen to see a little more of themselves in those words then they would like to admit! Now those same chicks who were trying to come off all high and mighty on that show. Be the same chicks dressing/ dancing like the females in those videos. (SPEAK ON IT)
There have been many songs that make you sit and look at your own faults. Look at 2 Pac's "Wonder why they call you bitch" He break down the whole meaning behind why he called a certain female a bitch. That song had a powerful message, and made a lot of females look deeper at their behavior!
I am all for the up rising of rap and true hip hop but not at the expense of free speech! They got the game messed up. Leave it up to them we will be listening to the theme of pretty little pony and a bunch of cut your wristPhotobucket tracks! What's next... only G rated movies? I don't believe you should put a cap on no one's creativity!!!!! That's what they are trying to do.
Honestly 1/2 the people on this Oprah show I wanted to push out their chairs. Now that I watch part two of this show, it hits me... This Oprah panel is one sided. Why didn't she have the artist who they are actually speaking about, On the stage defending their work? Common is not that artist. But you still want to attack his music. Oprah is a middle age white women, not afraid to pull a problem out. But petrified of confronting the people she calling out. She speaks on the music of Snoop, Nelly, 50 cent but I promise they will NEVER be on the Oprah show, to defend their selves. Why because she can't control these guys. She scared that they may say something that she don't agree with. Far be it for someone in the world to go against Oprah's way of thinking.
I don't understand how you only going to have a one sided panel. For the 10 females at Spelman Photobucket who went up against Nelly tell me what happen to the females who were dancing and enjoying his music. They knew he had that track before they invited him to go to their school. What about the females who were trying to find out where he was staying and trying to shall we say "GET CLOSE TO HIM." There is nothing you can say to make me think differently on this subject. They knew what they were getting before hand. Now if the whole student body wanted him.... That's the problem you should have took up with your S.G.A. and not Nelly. There are times when you have a group of people looking too deep into things. "Well i think its a imbalance in the nuclear d.n.a. of the rap world causing double relapses and pro tool up rises." IE investing too much damn money in that thought!
Rap is NOT pornography! Some rappers have other ventures they go into. If porn happens to be one that they are comfortable with then that's their business! No! That's really GOOD business sense. Snoop knows he wont be 80 and rapping! Everyone retires 50, Jay-Z, Puffy etc knows this. So they make investments! Creating drinks, clothing lines, shoes etc. In doing this it not only creates a way for their families to live a comfortable life so that poverty will not be in their family again. (You can't knock someone who is providing for their families.) No one is making you watch or buy their work. Salt and Peppa said it the best when they came out with let's talk about sex. "If you don't like it pick up the needle press pause or turn the radio off!" Everything is not for everyone. Its like the older generation who has this problem with rap never did anything or said worse. They act like the only thing they ever did in their bed is sleep and pray. (Lies they tell)
Bruce Gordon was like the only one who sees the bigger picture. Everyone else is screaming TAKE Their deals. This is where they got the game twisted. We are a new breed of musicians! We are in a generations of brilliant business minds. Look at Cam'ron he signed his-self! How you going to pull a deal from him. Think on it. He can press ship and market everything in house. How can you take that?
If we let them take control over the music we listen to its going to be just like when the government made alcohol illegal it was made illegal and everyone went underground and started making it themselves. The music will still be heard. Rather in a club up town. Or Harpo's Juke Joint! You can take the music off the radio but what's next you going to listen to every song on the net and pull it?
This cycle will never end! They tried this same thing with Prince, P-Funk All Stars, Dorothy Dandridge even Elvis!!!! And they are all musical genius's. I think a lot of these activist are running out of causes! Psychologist saying its problems from childhood. Got writers saying that rappers are present day jig-a-boos putting on a minstrel show for money. A lot of these people come from nothing and have made a way out of NO WAY. Why weren't they out there trying to help these artist when they were living in the worse of standards. Eating sugar and mayo sandwich's! You don't know the full truth about anyone so you have no right to name or judge them. PERIOD!
Two things about part two of this "Town Meeting" (A town meeting with no real people from the "TOWN" in which she is speaking on!) One lady stood out to me. Now many people on this show pissed me off mainly Oprah. Please watch the 2nd part of that show! Everyone who got up to say something she didn't like. Everyone who went against her point of view on the subject Oprah would cut them off! "O.K. your point has been made" How are you going to have a real discussion on a topic when you are only letting clones of your point of view get their points across? I never can catch the funny looking guy with the glasses name. But he called people in the hip hop world "Clowns" hmmmmmmmmm pause for a second on that one. Clown's.... Now there are only one group of clown's in hip hop that I KNOW. Are over there in Cali with "Tommy the Clown" Helping kids stay out of gangs and trouble while crumpin! He really has some bloody nerve. I think he is the only "CLOWN" that was on that whole show!!!!!!
Trying to say the most controversial things he could possibly say in order to boost his standings as a writer. (O game peep game) Shut that there down. Sorry y'all know I have that add problem, which is bad on subjects like this because I have so much to say.
The lady that stood out to me was in the audience. A African American women well pass a size 14 who wants to speak on the rap artist show casing ladies bodies in videos. Now Im going to take it there. I have been a plump now thick chick almost all my life. So trust me when I say I remember the days when you wouldn't see a lady with real curves on a video in a magazine or bill boards. I remember the days where you only saw light skin stick figures of women. Cosmo was the deciding vote on what was hot.
Now we have videos who show all kinds of body types. We have artist up lifting the brown bodies. Look at De La Soul Baby PhatAnthony Hamlton Sister Big Bones . After years of being put down the industry is finally recognizing that thick is the shit.
And her BIG ass is going to get up there and talk down about these ladies showing off their curves! SIT IT DOWN. She just pushed the curvy big girl movement at lest 20 steps back. How rude. I think ladies showing their bodies is a beautiful thing.
I know I'm thick too perfection and show my BIG TATTED THIGHS my wide butt wonderful Boob-age-ture on a ERRRRRRRRRRRR-Day bases. Not giving one let alone 2 damns about what anyone has to say.
I am a brown female who listens to RAP MUSIC LOUD. Yes and some songs that call some females BITCHES and HOES while having road RAGE going down the highway screaming BITCH get out my way (And no the music didn't influence me to call anyone a bitch, I came up with it on my own. Learn to use your blinkers BITCH!)
I'm just tired of this whole attack on rap music. If you that concerned about the youth of tomorrow how about you leave that comffy writing job and go and teach at a High School in the "Inner City"? I don't get it. These leaders are worried about rap music when gas is $3.00 a gallon!!!!! DAMNIT I think that's a bigger problem. Can someone write about that???? Can we have a Oprah show on that??? Can we have some Black Leaders march and ask questions on that. The radio free... Im dropping damn near $80 at the pump every week! Let's talk about that!!! I'm a day away from becoming a video chick my damn self just so I can afford to go to my 9-5 everyday. Speak on that somebody. And that boycotting gas for the day is NOT going to work. So stop sending me those damn e-mails and think of something else.
I'm just saying there are MASSIVELY bigger problems. That should be on the forefront! Why are our troops still over seas being murdered?????? What is this the 30 years war revisited??? There are more important issues you should be angry about. That's why the government is loving this war on rap. Your focus on the war on rap is taking the focus from the war in Iraq!!!! SAVE OUR FUCKING TROOPS!!!! Look at what's going on!!!! The Brown World needs to wake the fuck up!!!!!
And if you would like to know who I am.... well I'm Empress Mother Funking Journee' (If you need a resume I'm a graduate of NC A&T SU with two degrees and a certification. Any questions feel free to hit me up. I stand by my words.)
As Spike Lee said in my favorite movie School Daze....

Empress Journee


TheUrbanExecutive said...

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KayJay said...

The fat writer with te glasses you were referring to was Stanley Crouch, or as I like to call him, Stinky Crotch. He's a contributor in the NY Daily News & he's cut from the same cloth as Clarence Thomas.....

Damm man, I don't even know where to start, my sista! Everything you said was on point & precise! I remember watching both parts of this "town hall meeting" & feeling like me & my generation was put on trail. Again. I'm watchin' Benjamin Chavis, Kevin Liles, Russell Simmons & Common, these intelligent brothers that I got much respect for, get cut off, just off the strength that their defense didn't fit Oprah's agenda. And it hurt me to the bone to see a powerful black figure such as Oprah do such a thing, cause in a way, she was lynching her own children (We know she doesn't have kids, but if she did, her kid would most likely be a card-carrying member of the Hip Hop generation). And those Spelman chicks can go kick rocks with no socks, cause they know damm well they be makin' youtube videos shakin' dey ass & shit....

You just gave me a reason to vent....I'm bout to make a blog right now about this....

JOFre$h said...

That was amazing I'm very impressed

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