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Monday, January 19, 2009

Out Break Monkey's

I live in two worlds. One full of music and fun. & of course one in a cube Monday - Friday. In this cube world. I pretty much stay to myself and zone out. They don't know that greatness is among them (how sad). But the chick that sits beside me is a real out break monkey Photobucket . Spreading her bird flu to the whole office. And the bitch knocked me down for the weekend. errrrrrrrrrrrrrr... So that killed my whole weekend trip to DC I had been planning for many a month. Really. I can't go traveling with the snot nose. So not a good look. So I'm stuck in the house. I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out different ways to get back at her. Then I ended up falling asleep. I should be back on to my everyday tomorrow. Then maybe not. They are calling for snow. And in this part of the south... One inch means its a wrap. A which means two days away from the cube and out break monkey. And more time to work on Bangnat Radio.... :-) Either way I'm going to make it do what it do... I know its time to go to sleep now. Seeing the only thing on TV is Daddy's Girls... Hell if they can have a show why don't I have one. Because those chicks are boring as hell. I don't see their point. That show is like watching paint dry. Really. Anywho my Pillow is calling me in sexy tones wanting me to come bed. So I'm going to break....



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