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Friday, January 23, 2009

Confessions Of Fire...

As I was coming to work today. I had a flashback. Which made me put on that Cam'ron Confessions of Fire. When this cd dropped it was my favorite! I listened to it track for track. Loved the whole. Album. I can't remember the last cd I got that I can honestly say that about... Maybe Andre 3000 Love Below.. (Thats a whole different type of blog) But the point is. Cam'ron C.O.F. was so slept on...


No random funnyness I just like this album...The last time I road with my best friend we were bumping that track Feels Good Feat. Usher in the 300 ZX... Rolling... @ How much Me & My Boo was like me and him... Man I miss Brandon. Good do die young. :-(


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