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Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Is it All Or Nothing...

In my line of work I run into bone headed people on a everyday
bases! (Yes I said it) & it often makes me sit & wonder about the
state hip hop music is in. I came up with only 1 question. I'm sorry
to say.. Nope it's not "Is HIP HOP DEAD" because I already know the
answer to that 1. Its HELLS NAW (in my Sophia from The Color Purple
voice.) The question really at hand is why is it all or nothing???

Think back in the 90s we had Jay-Z & 69 Boyz! Nas & Arrested

Development! LiL Kim Photobucket Foxy playing along with Gangsta Boo and Lauren Hill. Jade & J.J. Fad! I don't know where it became all or nothing. I
wish I could pin point the year. But honestly ya girl getting old I
can't. I guess it was somewhere during the rise of the south (I'm not
hating) when did the rule became "if it's not hitting in the
club its not a banger." So answer me this WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO BE IN
A CLUB ALL DAY? I know I fucking don't. So why have ONLY "CLUB
BANGERS" on the radio all day? With a few simi-R&B type songs thrown
in for the hell of it.
I mean in this age of "Hip Hop" I know artist from the south
who are real lyricist be told their not from the south (That's deep)!
Just because they don't have some club beat behind them! Someone who
has true word play manipulation skills story line & plot within their
track, can't be from the south now. Wow I missed that memo. Unlike
many I don't have a problem with club music but like in real life
there is more. And it's more to this industry
then club music. So when will the variety come back? (Take a stand
Shit everyone is always trying to bring back the clothes and style
of the 80s / 90s why not the radio set up? How about we bring back
variety and leave the BOX BE!! Photobucket {Yo people who are rocking the box
AGAIN... (In any form Gum-bee's High Rights Low Lefts High top fades
Ronald Reagan... Photobucket ) Let's DON'T & just say that we did!} You people you just missed it... Leave it @ that..

This is a wonderful time for a vintage video play...


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