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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Love In The Club....

OK I'm a little late on this one... But hay I'm just starting this blog thing. So my thoughts on "Making Love In The Club..." {Random side note... I so liked the remix better then the original } But let me start with telling the world. A. You can't make love in the club! If you are making those type moves in the club your fucking... Period. Call a Ace a Ace. Now I'm all for spicing up the old sex life. & being creative. But fucking in the club is just nasty. This is coming from a chick who thinks taking your shoes off is the worse, thing you can do in the club. Really. The club is not the cleanest place in the world. If you can't work your heels Photobucket then you don't need to wear them! Have you ever looked on the floor of the club. My feet stick to the floor in shoes. So i can only imagine what people go home with on the bottom of their feet when they take their shoes off in the club. When you add up how many drinks are dropped in a night. Ashes being dropped, gum, and those really drunk folk who can't hold their piss or liquor & earls everywhere. Plus who knows what else. You just asking for gangrene of the toes... Photobucket & now you want to "make love in the club" ewwwwwwwwwwwwe... So we going to add sperm to the mix. Great! Whats next.... But just remember these things next time your in the club wanting to take your shoes off... And or make love... Photobucket


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