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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random MoMentS With Journee

OK just to get the V-Day recap out of the way. It went great. I didn't get to bust a balloon sadly <span class=Photobucket" border="0">
(But I hope someone out there held me down.)
Honestly I think GG is secretly boo-ed up. (I know how rude lol) But I had a ball. Spending the day as it should have been spent. I took myself to the park. (I took a video of it still don't know if I want to post it. lol.) Spent time with my baby brother (He was my official Valentine!) Hung with the parents lol (My family is crazy!) Zipped by granny's house! & off to a day of hanging with my cousin Era <span class=Photobucket" border="0">! (She is also my hair and make up artist. I get that question a lot, when I'm out on business) Me and my cuz-o hang all the time! (She too is one of my best friends.) Now the 1st stop on our V-Day adventure was to get something to eat! And for some odd reason they put us in the back! By the fire place! I'm like come on. The hostess says "O we are seating the whole dinning room today." Now my my cousin didn't believe me. But I think they did that for one of two reasons. Either 1. They didn't feel like single women should eat alone on Valentines Day... (How Rude!) or 2. They thought we were Lesbo's and wanted to keep us hidden! How RUDE! Normal single ladies go out on Valentines Day too!!! (Haters) Then we went to this store.... Where a creepy nice guy kept stalking us with his eyes... Which lead us to the thought we prob. reject the men we should give a chance. But the nice strange guy was too strange...... For us! lol. Then we went to Micky D's..... Random VBlogs my very 1st one! LOL.

We are crazy I know... I left my cousin and went to hang out with one of my BESTEST friends Bishop
Me and Bis have been friends for something like 9 years. So yeah he has earned the right to be called one of my bestest friends. & after much shit talking on my part lol. We had the Guitar Hero show down! LOL... Just a taste of some random moments in the life of me! & I wanted to see if I liked my new cam. I don't know if I do or don't right now. LOL. But over all had a great day! Just hanging with good friends. Hay its all about the love. & PS I know my laugh is hard lol.

Photobucket Over all, I hope you guys had a good day too! I should be back with some great thoughts come Monday. Been thinking about a good topic just got to focus.


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