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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Bust The Windows Out Your Car......

Seeing that I woke up this a.m. and saw that the kat that lives in the condo across from me had just freshly gotten his windows busted. I thought it was time to relive this blog. From my early blog days.... {One more time for the cheap seats in the back!}

LAWD... Grown women let me holla @ You ... And this message is focused towards the 25 and up... Women and hell some males w bitch Tendencies (HAAAAAAAAY)... But if the 24 and under crowd can take something from what I'm about to say... Well.. That's a plus. So what brings these thoughts to the fore front after so many years.... (Because busting the windows out someone's car is so high school... )


on her single Bust Your Windows Out Your Car.... And for those of you who are still in the dark... peep the link

OK.... Ladies 1st Please don't let this track get you in trouble. Or empower you in anyway! Please just don't. I personally have never busted the windows out of anyone's car. Mainly because I'm more creative then that. I mean... If you are trying to pay someone back. Don't do something so childish and over all dumb. If you are "that" hurt put some thought into it. If he has insurance the car will be fixed in a matter of hours. And hell.... if you have a snitch type man on your team your ass will be locked up before the sealing drys on the windows you bust. And that leaves you what hurt, scared and locked up. Or facing charges. Then you have to pay and look for effective Legal Representation! (That has the power to keep your record clean...) Which will cost you more then he spent to get his windows fixed. I will be the first to tell you math was FAR from my strong subject. But those numbers just don't add up!

Now over all what did that prove....?

If he cheated did that stop him from cheating? Doubtful!
If he left you for whatever reason... Did that get him back??? Hell is that going to make him want you back?

Nothings Changed... The point is... A man isn't going to do any more then what you allow him to do to you. Period. (Not comma) If you want to pay him back for hurting you, be smart about it. Holla @ ya girl if you need some tricks and tips. I have dished out my share of pay back. *Trust* I still have minds twisted. From the things i've done (I was so naughty....). And no one got hurt (Nothing a few Tylenol's wouldn't cure). LoL The same go for keying cars and slashing tires. I've had a guy slash my tires. All four of them And its like really.... In real life... To this day I look @ him as a pussy ass bitch for that. It proved nothing but he was a pussy ass bitch... Did it fix our problems no... Just started a mini war.
It's dumb as hell......
(& this isn't coming from a bitter space.... This is a place of truth. Now why he got that mad... blog for another day. Men I tell you.)
So all I'm saying is think before you go this route. Busted windows leave you nothing but BUSTED... And if you get cut up because of this... man you going to look like a real dumb ass... I'm not messing up my sexy for no one! Flying glass & my face don't mix! If you need some tips on how to get some good pay back holla @ your girl. I'm creative! But busting the windows out your car. Come on....

Moral of the story is... Busted windows leave you nothing but BUSTED....


riva. said...

i sooooo agree with this post. that song is indeed catchy (i will admit); however it doesn't reflect an action that will solve anything in the long run. i don't believe that is the "ideology" of Ms. Sullivan though. she held a song writing contest where a fan sent in the song and she promised to sing it for them to that particular beat.

great post.


Empress Journee' said...

Thanks. That was sweet of her to do. Really. I give her points for that for real.

Miss.Fortune said...

exactly..the song is coo but actually doing it is a different ball game..

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