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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

APB For Miss. Hill

I am in 911 need of a Lauryn Hill CD!!!! {This is not a drill, prank call, or test. We are on a code Green..... I repeat this is not a drill.} I have purchased at lest 13 <span class=Photobucket" border="0"> CD's since it dropped! Which is a pure CLASSIC! Who would have thought in my day and time. A classic work of art would have been made! But she did it. I don't buy cd's (ask anyone who know me) But I will re-buy this cd as long as its in print. But I need MORE. Yes I am greedy. One just wasn't enough. What the hell happen to R&B music? It's like people are afraid to really sing. OK drop that.... They are scary to SANG! (Yeah I wrote it how I want it read!) Afraid to cut their face up and make that note float! ( I do give Honorable mention to Trey Songz, Jay Holiday, and Jahiem) But ladies I must say we are slacking right now. {Jill your I need you blog is coming same for Erykah.... Hmmmm Last CD we need to talk about it....} But right now right at this moment. I'm needing a Lauryn Hill CD badly. I'm feenin for one like my mom be on Prince. The singers out right now just don't make tracks like What you know about Ex-Factor? I need for the greats of my time to come back out its not too late. We have to school the kids about real R&B and let them know T-Pain aint singing (It's Auto Tune). PEOPLE wake up! (Sure its catchy.... But really he hasn't tooted not one note) I need Lauryn Hill to come and be the R&B Super Women. & I'm talking about this L-Boogie <span class=Photobucket" border="0"> Now I'm all about personal creativity, and breaking the mold. But I'm not talking about the bag lady L. <span class=Photobucket" border="0"> I mean do what you do.
(Unless your a grown ass man. Or teen for that matter wearing Skinny Jeans! That shits just WroNG.... {Journee' steps off her soap box. Before she starts preaching....})
I put no stock in the media and their crazy lady rampages. I think hell if you have 5 kids you have the right to go crazy every now and then. So get off her tit's so she can mellow out, go back to the Lauryn Hill i need and get back to making the hits. I know i'm not alone on my fight to get Lauryn Hill to come back .

Talib feels my pain. I guess I'm just going to put on the
miseducation and be thankful for that. And just hope.... <span class=Photobucket" border="0">

{And no I'm not leaving out or hating on Mary J. But she all in love and happy right now. [congrad's on that.] But Imma need a My Life track lol. She dancing right now lol. I need a mellow groove.}


Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Journee
How are you?
You gotta check Ndambi, ( Erykah's background singer) Arel Larrieuex and then why not jump over to Rachell Ferrell just for a change. Rachelle's first R and B joint is superb!

Empress Journee' said...

O I'm on it Arel Larrieuex use to get much play on my radio show back in college. :-) And I know I didn't say nothing about Chrisette Michelle. She get's much play! But I still want what I want. LOL.... Ms. Hill lol.

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