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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Journee' On Am. Best Dance Crew

OK I love this show Photobucket. I really do. I will be the 1st to tell you that a chick can't do not naaa damn dance on that show. Don't ask. I'm not even going to try. But I have to give love to alllllll the crews on that show. They come rep-n. I would like for a "brown" crew to win or make it to the top two. But hay it is what it is. Beat Freaks is about to take it. But to my main point. The worse part of this damn show is LiL fucking Mama! I wish she would sat (yes sat) her old ass down. I don't know why this old chick is trying to scream she's a teen. Knowing good and damn well she's 36! {Maybe not 36 but that chick hasn't seen her teen years in many moons set back. If she's a teen i'm a f-n pre-teen.} And what's even more important where is her stylist? Who is her stylist I think they ass should be BLACK BALLED! If she is in need for one I will set up a foundation. Something. From the look of things chick don't even have friends. Friends don't let friends go out like this.

And watching ABDC shit just get worse! She needs help people. She's just lost. Like the old person in the club trying to look young. YEP. All out wrong.

****Damn my team just got knocked off! I loved those guys. Strikers All-Stars****



Cheron L. Hall said...

Beat freaks is the bizness...

Miss.Fortune said...

lmao at lil mama!

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