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Friday, February 5, 2010

My Crazy Thursday Charlotte Night....

Now I'm the one not to do a lot of drinking or none of that carrying on... But some how some way I got messed up last night! (I wasn't driving) So my girls came to town and we decided to hit up this chill spot... That has waaaaay 2 many steps dips and trips to trap a lady wearing heels up when she been drinking. LOL Waaaay too many! So my 1st spill was taken while walking out of VIP! It was more of a slip but since my butt touched the step we shall call it a fall... I just sat there for a sec. But recovered..... Met up with my play brother... What up Josh!!! Photobucket He came to kick it with the ladies.... And my other homie.... We chilled out for a sec. Then made a break for it. This is when I went tumbling down the parking lot.Talk about random as hell.... I fell down the lot. And if you haven't caught on by now. "I'm a whole lotta woman" This was a hella hard fall... But good friends hold you down and pick you up... So I made it to the back seat safely a little sandy where the hell did sand come from... I don't know.. But I made it. All the way to the waffle house.... where i couldn't finish my food because crazy's want to go and shoot up the waffle house. now really who do shit like that??? Tacky ass niccas....But I had fun... Photobucket I love hanging with my girls... And a big blog hug go out to my sis Sheena for hooking up my hair!!!


NightFall914 said...

Oh Damn.......Wasted!

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