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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free Not Always GOOD

OK I twitted this but I know I have to break it down. I'm so tired of people saying "you know how black people are about free stuff" Bah humbug. Don't get me wrong I see nothing wrong with getting stuff for free. But when it is done in mass amounts such as.... <span class=I have to ask the MAJOR questions... Why? Not the reason they telling us.... But really why are they giving away this food? I can't do it. I mean come on I was a Af. Am. studies major. My specialty was conspiracies! Now lets think about this for a moment. B-Rock is in office! And a lot of "Bush" folk mad! Just waiting for a way to get revenge. What better way to get revenge on a large group of black people.... While trying 2 prove a point? Well damn.... Why not give them "FREE CHICKEN"? And just to make sure they people show up. Tell them its care of Oprah! (People always want free shit from her!) LAWD! Now really. They would have knocked out 80% of the country right there. And they just want to catch people showing their asses! And for what? Some free damn chicken! I be damn wont catch me slipping. You know they gave out a free boat ride once.... You know what that ended up being..... Slavery! They gave out free flu shots too! You know what that was? Just ask Miss Eves' Boys... If you still slow Syphilis Experiments. Who the fuck knows whats in this "free chicken". All I do know for sure is... You can keep it! Just a little food for thought for you to snack on! Might as well go drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid! (And if you don't know what that means.... Read a book!)


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