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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

& see some of the prettiest women you have ever seen. Hell we trying to figure out who do their hair So I have to admit I had one of the most amazing memorial day weekends. Short break down. I can say it started Thursday when I got to go to speed street with my homie Bis. & got to see foolishness as far as the eye could see (you know I was like a kid in the candy store) But more importantly I got to see wait for it.... BBD! (O you don't believe me). and they still got it. These older men look like they did when they were 12! They have aged very well! Yeah suck on some of that greatness for a second. But the big thing was I even got a chance to take a pic w/ some cats who wasn't even born in the 80s rocking 80s gear w/ flat tops and ish. For some reason I can't find the pic we took together but here's the video clip you can see them in Yep crazyness huh. I just enjoyed chillin out. Now why don't they do a speed street type thing for CIAA is beyond me. Hell that would be the shit. But of course they wont be doing that. (For reasons we all know). YO how could i forget! We saw this chick get 100 BOO-ED off stage! Not once but TWICE! I didn't even have the flip ready. I know I suck. So Friday I was suppose to go to DC for the weekend. But two members of the Stiletto Squad ring me up and tell me we are going on tour. (what we call road trips lol.) So I hope in the car. & where do we go? ATL!!!! Got there in time 2 Check Ozy Reigns set @ Apache Cafe. But not before we got caught off guard by ATL night life. We rolling down 4thlol. Come to have it they were men on the stroll. O i can't wait to see that hookers on the point on HBO! Why it hasn't come out yet I don't know. It was a real cool ATL trip because I didn't have to work. & got to hang out & shop w/ the girls. The underground was a treat! So many interesting people. VERY interesting! (Hell I even ran into my graphic designer in the underground! He stay in NC like me. That was a nice surprise hell I haven't seen him since like 06. O the wonders of the Internet. Keeping friends together lol.) Its a different type of breed of man down there. They say whatever & don't care! Yes those on my twitter know what i'm about to say. But i had on a pretty low cut halter top. (I have like one pic of me from that day I have 2 get it from my graphic designer.) But this guy grabs my hand and says "Yeah I've been thinking.... & I want you to be my girl friend." Me being the slow ass that I am just bust out laughing. It was hella funny. Then he looks down and says "Yeah you must have put butter on your titties when you were younger." It was done deal from that point on. You know I had to marry him right... And that's how I met my 2nd husband. (Lies I tell. But I did laugh uncontrollably until I almost passed out!) lol. And I'm about to make all ya'll jelous! Yep. Because I got to see the Kool-Aid man. Aight it wasn't the real kool-aid man... It was a women dressed up as the kool-aid man. Ok I tell the truth it was a women in all red who put me in the mind set of the kool-aid man. Even her braids were red. But her whole outfit was like five different reds. We called it dusty reds! But all around the underground we screamed out kool-aid. hoping she would bust through a wall and have a few cups in her hand. (yeah we can be mean when we want to be but really I wanted to know. ) We ended up going to this pool hall later that night and kooling out. Nice relax setting. The guys @ the pool hall were no diff from the guys @ the underground. Not being able to take NO for an answer! But o the things we ladies come up with in order to swat a fly! LOL. Classic lines were made up that day. Lines I will never forget! (I would drop some but who knows if one of those no-blockers are following me. lol good to keep some things on the ground low.) But ATL was so much fun what a treat. I laughed and smiled the WHOLE time down there. But we had to leave for our beach trip! Yep we went to the beach for "Black Bike Week" which was a little lacking from previous years because of all the hating some of the folk @ Myrtle Beach did! But we met a lot of business owners who was very upset that the town did this to some of their busy-est times. You can tell they lost a LOT of money! Its real sad. In a little bit the Myrtle Beach we know will be a thing of the pass. & Trump is going to come down and take over & change everything. I said it mark my words. But we had a ball. Much love to my Myrtle Beach music fam down there who showed me so much love and fun @ Club Toxic. But it was a crazy night! Mad crazy!!!!!! But we had a ball! We brought it back to the Carolinas on Monday had a mini-adventure (journey if you will) getting home! One suspect left turn and we just lost for a few hours. Really! But we got to see the corn fields and the deep southern folk. It was a over all great trip. I can't wait to meet back up with the ladies on Thursday 2 get Avia's B Day popping RIGHT! Yeah we do what we do how we do when we do way big! Now its pass time for a nap.


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