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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Great Fall

So Anyone who knows even a little bit about me and my crew knows we do graduations up way big! So needless to say when the last member of the Stiletto Squad Jacole Photobucket (MUCH MUCH LoVe chick I'm so very proud of you.) was up for graduation you know we had to do it big. Now do to the years before graduation that partying the night before is not a good idea lol. (Man I think I'm going 2 have a sit down w/ all my homegirls and tape us talking about the night before our graduations! Bonkers.) So I drove up to Greensboro Saturday morning had on my little fit nothing too spiffy I had a banging outfit for the night of partying. And a comffy one for the cookout. So I get to the coliseum meet the nicest old man EVER! Like he went above and beyond the whole day for me. 1st by letting me park in this spot.... I wasn't suppose to but we not going to go too deep in that one because I don't want him to get in trouble. So I thought this day was about to be the best ever. Because that was a hella great park. So I'm walking in the coliseum about to meet up w/ the rest of the crew when it happens on the 2nd level by the mens room and a trash can I take a spill. Not just your everyday spill. but I'm talking a hell of a fall. My feet twist under me. My shoes are now shot to hell Photobucket. Not only that but the little boy who only wanted to go to the restroom was just stuck in a state of shock! He just looked at me with concern on his face.One guy that saw me fall most def got his seven laughs off me! But he help me gather the parts of my phone that went flying everywhere. Even a lady in a wheelchair rolled over to see if I was ok and her daughter told me "that's why i wear flats here these floors are way too slick" (which didn't help me at all but i thank them for their concern)! The little boy was still in shock! So i told him it would be ok to laugh. I brush myself off! Got up & hobbled on to my friends and switch shoes (yeah i had flats in my bag) My foot was hurt but it was still walk able. As time went on my foot got bigger and bigger. I hobble back to my car the old man who let me park and told me that i was looking real spiffy saw that i was hurt. And let me sit in his chair and went and got my car for me so I wouldn't have to walk on the gravel with my hurt foot. I made it down the steps and to the car so I thought maybe it wasn't that bad. I was going to press on and party it up for my homegirl. I made it into one of my homies houses. And notice my foot was getting worse. I changed and sat on the sofa waiting on her to get ready. Not noticing my foot getting bigger and bigger! Its time to go and i try and get up and hobble which I had been doing so great. And my foot wasn't moving! I tried using a bat to lean on nothing! I was FUCKED UP! Her fiance let me ride on his back piggy back style! And put me in my car. (You see what I mean when I say I have a group of amazing friends in my life!) I got scared and was like naw I'm not going to chance it. My foot was blowing up! I was going to try and get back up the road. Before I couldn't move it at all. So I drove on my bad foot the hour back home. And by some miracle I mad it back to my moms house. Seeing that my condo is on the 3rd floor there was just no way in hell I was going to make it. So as always my mom, dad & baby bro comes to my rescue! And takes care of me. Making sure I was comffy and had movies phones pillows whatever. Now my parents had already had a night out planned. I was sleep when they left but they knew I would have watched my baby brother (he will be 8 @ the end of the month). He was all set to "watch me" until it hits him. "well if someone breaks in I will be here all by myself! And she wont be able to help me fight them off with that bad foot! I would be here fighting all by myself w/ my golf club.... I think I will go to granny's!" And left me by myself lol. Kids these days I tell you. But today I started to feel bad having my mom take care of me on her day! So i made my way back to my place. And for the million-th time this year my homie Bis come to my aid! Get's me some crutches. Again I say how great are my friends! Just two weeks ago he went and got my sinus meds for me. Like damn. The chick who let him go is a dummy all day. I don't know y he is still single! I don't get it! Bis is a catch! Hell if I knew what I knew now when I was 18 when we 1st met. I would have snatched him off the market! Now we have been friends for too long lol. But I should kick myself for not snatching him up! All I do know is his X was a dummy for that one. But I have not made it home thanks to all those who helped me. And here I sit. But I couldn't be happier. Because as of yesterday! Every member of the Stiletto Squad has college degree's two or more businesses. We are those chicks that myth's are made from! Photobucket


KayJay said...

You & that damm mean mug. Always lookin' like you ready to pull out a sawed-off shotty...
You don't ever smile in pics, do ya?

That mos definetly sucks. I've had numerous spills, back in my hooin' days, so I do feel ya pain.

And doesn't it feel good to have a group of great people around you? Inner circles, ftw!

Empress Journee' said...

LOL I smile but I just had a hella spill! I was standing on that foot at the time of this pic.

But I do love my crew!

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