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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Foolishness/ A Baby Back Dere

Now everyone can tell I love foolishness. I mean I am a cheerleader for some foolishness. But this right here may be a too foolish for me. Yes I said IT! Too damn foolish.

Wow The name of this song is She got a baby back dere.... WoW really O really! If the spelling wasn't bad enough wow. The song is called a baby back dere. Kertasy has lost his damn mind. PERIOD. If this is where music is going I am to stop listening period. Its over. I'm done. A fucking Baby Back Dere. No fucking words. I can't even talk about the chick who is on there flapping her wings because this fool is making baby sounds in the hook. This kat is not for real. If I was there A. I would ask for my money back even if I got in for free. B. I would have threw something on his the club owner manager and promoter because they are all wrong for not telling this fool he's CRAZY!


KayJay said...

I woulda threw a chair in the middle of the crowd.

Then gladly take the fall for the bodies that drop later on in front of that spot after the shootout.

That;s how much I can't tolerate this "music"!

Empress Journee' said...

hush kay jay you know you got a baby back dere lol

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