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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Thoughts / Flashbacks of College

So that whole Stomp the yard blog I did got me to thinking about my days in Aggie Land. And you know I randomly spot light people who I hold dear to me. And I honestly know its time to just show this kat MAD love. My college best friend Will! (Don't get it twisted me and my whole fam will come after you if look @ him cross eyed! You better ask someone.) <span class=OK I will tell you how deep our friendship is. I have brothers and growing up they would always have to fight for my plate or take crumbs. It was to the point where my granny set a side a plate for me lol. Yeah It started getting violent! I started stabbing them w/ forks over chicken! HAAAAAAAAAA! I knew that Will had became a member of the fam when my granny started putting him a plate up. LOL I dated the same guy the whole time I was in college. And he NEVER got such good treatment lol. We met our freshman year @ T <span class= (HA! We look real young in the face!)and bonded over 1st semester. He is honestly one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. Man I guess its time lol. I told one of my readers I would break down my roommate hells.... And he saved me from one... a many of these crazy chicks I have encountered! And yes there were many.But during freshman year my mom made me live in the dorms... (O don't worry she is going to the old folks home for two years as pay back!!!!) My original roommate was way too much! She was real extra. I think the funniest moment with her was when these kids yes kids because they were 16 years old. Came drug her out of her bed. Down the steps up some more steps to the parking lot! Where she ended up getting her ass beat. It was funny but sad. But yeah I got my seven laughs out. So by the time she got back from a long weekend i had moved her shit out. (I don't do drama where I rest my head). Another chick moved in and she was letting her little cousins come and spend the night. I mean they were like 8 and 10. I got back from class one day wanted to take a nap that little girl had sun flower seeds all in my bed like in the covers. I mean the kind with slob on them. I was too done. Will hooked me up though. I convinced my granny to move me out the dorm before I started tossing females out the window! (I don't play well with others when it comes to living.) Will has always been that voice of reason! (Even though I never listened to him when he told me to stop getting tatted like four or five tats ago!) Keeps me calm! LOL Yeah even let him ding my car and didn't get mad lol. He's just an over all amazing person! He came to hang with me in the QC once and walked into a bunch of stuff I'm sure he looks back and laughs at. LOL. WOW! Because that was a crazy weekend. Man I should get the crew back together. We should have a cookout and do it all over again. Just cool out and wild out. But Will is an smart and amazing person! He got his degree in Poli Sci. And is doing exactly what he set out to do! And i have never honestly been so proud of someone. I know whatever I need if I ask him I got it. And hell he can send a thought of a request to me and its nothing! We have been through so much. LOL. Man thinking back on the college times is making me laugh. Stuff I can't even blog about. I thought about writing it but had to double back and clear it out. Somethings you just got to keep on the low. But I wouldn't change the time i spent @ aggie land for anything! The snow days are the best. Man I miss college sometimes! Kwasi! (If anyone that went to T knows where he is tell him of this blog! Tell him to get @ me!) Man I'm just thinking back on all the great times I had in school. I don't know how I became so lucky to meet so many great people! When my grandfather passed he was right there for me. I will never forget how much of a friend this man has been to me. If he ever has a political career i will promote for him its nothing! I hope all the great and wonderful things in this world happen to him! I will never be that chick screaming "men not shit" because of what a man has done to me. I can't! Because I know so many amazing men! I mean right out the book amazing! I have great taste in friends! Shitty taste when it comes to dating! And marriae for that matter! LOL. But I know I have great friends that will support me through it all. :-) I really love my friends!
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PS I told you guys we had some stomp the yard fine men @ T! I wasn't playing!


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