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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why R U Single?

So I was talking to one of my crazy ass friends (who i just realized knows too damn much about me lol) And he said "J I don't get it why are you single? You are smart have three degrees. Sexy. Got a good job. Own place. & your own car NO KIDS!!!! Why are you single really." (Those are his words not mine. Didn't add nothing in that's all him.) He knows about the whole "Divorce" thing. So i was like I'm just cooling out. I'm good!. He said "NO YOUR CRAZY!" Photobucket Why a chick have to be crazy just because she has her shit together and is single?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!!? Let me tell the story I was crazy B4. LOL. Men all I'm saying is stop trying to find flaws in women who are holding it down on their own. Maybe they are just trying to avoid the "crazy".I am not crazy... Hell you couldn't prove it if i was! LOL. I can't believe my homie of a million and two years asked me that HOW RUDE! lol. I had to do a short blog about that. And for the record.... When you have 2 pay 2 be single trust you don't go rushing back into relationships lol. Divorces AINT CHEAP!


.dsade. said...

damn thats crazy lol but yeah i agree,men should stop looking for flaws

Miss.Fortune said...

lol he just wants u to be with him!
lol naw but shit i respect you...

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