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Friday, May 22, 2009

Charles Hamilton get punched in the face

OK Honestly I don't even like Charles Hamilton! So this was extra great to me. He is way too full of his self. For someone who wont even be thought about next year. Really... But she socked him good! But on the left hand.... If she did fuck ole boy #1 (which is going out to her...) Lady you are way 2 cute 2 be fucking herbs! (Just saying. She look like she could be my little sis! So I have 2 talk to her as such!)
#2 when u fuck someone as young and simple (he seem simple) as him. You have gots to know that biz could be put on blast.

But I will have to give her mad love on that punch! GREATnESS

Thanks 2 my buddy for putting this out there


NightFall914 said...

LOL!!!!!! Just sent this to some folk that know lil' Sonic.Best laugh I've had all week!LOL!!!!

IKE said...


Miss.Fortune said...


KayJay said...

He does seem a bit too full of himself. If there was static between him & shorty (who is hella cute), he shoulda took her to the side, away from the camera & air out whatever the issue was...

She need to come fuck with a real Brooklyn cat, such as myself! We'll exchange 16s , spar together & hurb punk rappers who need a humbling!

Empress Journee' said...

In real life she wouldn't be able to hit any of my artist like that. We going @ it.

S Jones said..., thats what he gets ( he looks overly cocky to me) she put him in his place.

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