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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


SPECTACULAR FROM PRETTY RICKY Is really going to get it on this clip. I normally don't do this. But hell this is foolishness to the top! This nigga is buggin in his tighty red-e's lol! Did this nigga really call another I'm assuming grown ass nigga Lingerie. Did he say his boy Lingerie singing his heart out on that track. WOW in real life... Wow.... This shit isn't Thug-ish. I love thuggy guys and & red thongs type panties (As Spectacular has on) poppin his hips like he's about 2 break out into a singl ladies dance. Really. Naw not sexy. He knew who he catering to and it was no where close to being women. Fuck no. Fuck no Fuck no. FOOLISH I Tell ya.


NightFall914 said...

Damn......I see this clip is making the rounds. It's about as successful a "publicity stunt" as the idea that Cassie "leaked" her spread eagle pix.

I guess that's "entertainment" for today's generation.

"Nigga' you gay"
- Riley Freeman

Empress Journee' said...

That nikka's gay stunt or no stunt. That nikka like men folk.

nt skinne n e mo said...

he looks REALLY gay. They need to give it up. (sad to say)

hahah smfh

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