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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Part Two

Man I try my best to keep everyone in my blog world up on the new new when it comes to the music. You should never just wait for the radio to tell you whats hot! Or wait on it to be on TV to jump on the new new. (Because all that shit be old by the time it drops anywho!) My homie Boog Brown just put out that hot hot!!!! WHOA! Any lady who got trapped up with some 1/2 ass ping ping will feel this one like I do!!! She said I should have "Molly whopped that bitch" wooooooooooooooooow!!!!!! "I hope she burn you like a perm" I can't take this shit!!!! I got to hear it again....


I gotta send that last line out to someone.... (they knew who they be...)
"Should have had more respect now learn to live with your regrets!"

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA She killed this one get on it!!!!

again she said Molly Whop.... Yes I love it! Imma need to get my hands on this mp3 like in three mins or less.... The return of the lady MC! Move out the way!


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