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Friday, January 22, 2010

010 Photo Shoot

Clearly Bangnat Radio has been my pet project for the last few years. But in 2009 things started coming together. We have started droppin the podcast (major thanks to everyone who has taken a listen!!!) But in the 010 we going to do it again. but bigger. My web designer is hard at work revamping the site. So you know we had to hit you with the new new.... Take a look @ one of the shoots we got. Photobucket Thats me and my co-host K.B.(who just so happens to be one of my bestest friends in the world. We have been friends 10 years strong right now. Just thought I would throw that out there). But everything is happening. Keep your eyes open. Because we are here now!!!!!!

But you know I can't go nowhere without some pure foolishness happening. I guess my first ride on public transpo wasn't any different! For this photo shoot we took it to Charlotte's light Rail. And honestly I was waiting on a Marta girl moment! One that I didn't cause myself. LOL. Because until we met Eugene, me falling and busting my ass in the middle of the shoot... and Kevin getting pictures of the whole way down was the high light of the night. But nope.... Thanks to Eugene my mere fall was wiped off the map!!! YAY. So at this time my stylist had my flip. Sooooo blame her for not getting this greatness. she was slippin HARD. As we sat on the train. A toothless (I'm not saying he was a alcoholic, but its safe to say he aint been sober in a number of days.) sat right in the middle of us, and just went in!!!! Now Mr. Eugene looked suspect from the get go. I thought he was nakee under his trench coat!!!! Come to have it I wasn't alone in this thinking. Because he keep tuggin at his coat. And his clothes seemed to be as missin as his teeth. But who knew. He just started talking to Kevin and Bish like "Dem ladies over there fine" (talkin about my stylist and i). but the kicker was..... He seemed to be gay. But as many shades he was to the wind... hell I don't think it would really matter rather he had fish or fish sticks on his plate. He informed us t the next stop we were going to get off and go dancing.... when we said that we had work in the morning and it was already late. He let us know that he didn't care!!!! We were going dancing. So at this point it had already been decided through strong eye signals that we were getting off at the opposite stop as Mr. Eugene. I mean this man came out the darkness.... I have no idea when he got on. I'm just happy that crazy got off. lol


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