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Friday, January 29, 2010

Damnit I'm Fly!!!!!

So my photo shoot with K.B. for went hella well!!!!
Kevin did his damn thing with these!
Much love to my Hair and Make Up artist Era Hailstock! She keeps me funky fresh to death ready to party!!!!!!


O and can't forget my web designer Jacques (who also did the graphics on the picture) is in the process of pimpin my blog. So soon you will check out the world according to Journee' and its going to be all spiffy.... (And I haven't forgot about the pictures from my tumble!!! They are just really big. K.B. cutting them down to size!)

With all this being said...the only thing left to say is... O hells bells play my theme music!!!!! (From my hometown homeboy Bettie Grind.....) Damnit I'm fly!!!!! That's just the way I'm feeling today!

Support local designer Jeff of get on BET RIP The RUNWAY JUST email and say HTDOGWTR need to be on 2010 Rip the Runway!!!!!!!!!!

(Now you are caught up!)


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