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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is like one of my top five all time favorite shows of all time........... EVER EVER...... Who ever thought of such greatness!!!!! I owe them a lunch!!!!! Drink something. I always watch this show in hopes that I will see someone I know. Because I know my foolish friends and please believe me when I say they would they will give you a full hours wroth of foolishness... They would land the soup... best week ever... Im just going off the foolishness they do on the normal. LOL What a treat!!!!!!

And I'm going to tell you guys right now.... Let me land on Cheaters right or wrong I'm showing my ass.

----> Cheated On: O if I caught someone cheating on me. Man what a treat! (For the viewers lol) Because I would be so calm.... And while they talking to the other folk... They will have to try and look for me.... Only to see that Im standing on top of the tallest car. (while people wonder how my short ass got up there.... lol) I would just start quoting lines from Belly.... "You wanna Rump with me" "I'm the last QC Don Duh Da" Then Jump down on who ever closer be it him or her and just start schooling folk.... Everybody getting bitch slapped.

------> Cheater: O if I get caught cheating (so not my style) but o if I do... I'm going to show out... Please believe me. I will pull out my early 90s echo mic that i seem to still carry around with me. And bust out with the Jay-Z quote "He want us to end cause I fucked his friend. He gave me one more chance and I fucked him again. I seen the tears as he busted in. I its a draft bitch shut the door and come on in!" Drop the the mic and be out lol.

"and you knowed it" The best did you hear that greatness.... Did you see him yank her back..... "my food is important to me... you not important to me no more." lol WOW the fucking best.... This is greatness!!!!!!

I bet she aint leave him lol.



KayJay said...


I'm so glad I'ma good Black Man. The only I'll get caught on this show is if shorty had the gall to even step out...That's like goin' from the Yankees to the Pirates!

And if she does...
I'ma have you recordin' the shit & instigatin' the whole thing!

And when I cue,

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