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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Signs You May Need 2 Stop Rapping!

OK I think its time for us to revisit this topic. Signs you may need to stop rapping....
1. If you are 33 plus years old and still in the same place you were 10 years ago muscly! You may need to think of a back up career... If nobody knows you out side your neighborhood. You really may need to make different moves.
2. If you can't make a impact on stage without having 40 hype men with you.... A stage full of people with you.... You may need to working on doing something a little different.
3. If you can't remember your own lyrics you just need not grab the mic
4. If you still think you can get rich off this rap game in this day and age then you need to put the mic down now. If you in this rap game with no other grinds going on. You about simple for that.


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