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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Empress Journee speaks on the SC Music Awards

OK Some folk say if you don't have nothing nice to say then say Nathan. (There for they don't talk that much.) But my mother says if you have something on your mind let it off! And that's what I do. I have to touch on so much. I V-Blogged a little bit but hell its not enough I must drop the blog. Yesterday I went to the SC Music Awards in Columbia SC. Now 1st I have to show love to my SC folk in which I went down there to support. The folk who always support the moves I make in my career! They know all they have to do is ask and they will get! Anywho. The show got started a little late. Which was to be expected. It happens... NO biggie. (nope im not use to standing out side in the hot that long... But like i said this wasn't about me. I was up for an award. Wasn't giving one out. I honestly went just to show love!) Now pause for the cause. Just EJ's personal thought $40 to see a bunch of unsigned folk... Is a wee bit much! Shit should have been $25 hell $30 @ the most. Not like Nelly was coming out giving lap dances. And Kanye doing foot rubs. But fuck it. I drove a hour to hold it down. So I put the $40 down. Now I have to show major love to my graphic designer Chris who came and held it down with me. Drove all the way from the Triangle to be there . Man just thought about it. We didn't even get a pic together! :-( Anyway I don't even know where to start... I guess I will start @ what stood out to me 1st. The chick in her prom dress. WOOOOOOOW She walked by me like 5 times and I was never ready with the camera on deck. I know it was her prom dress because she screamed it out loud as hell in the line..... And blamed it on the recession! I think not! I had to shake my head....But I want to personally thank chick for being my entertainment during such a long line. Now you can hear some of my random thoughts on the night on the Prop Joe radio show. I got to be his side kick through out the night. .
So I guess the 1st thing that happen was the 1st group. I'm going to ask one of my folk who this group was. No it wasn't a group it was a rapper with a rock band. And let me tell you that rock band was the best. I am truly now a fan. Wish like hell I caught their name I would be googling them right now! They didn't even need the rapper. The band rocked out. Such a good way to start the show! Loved those kats. (Ha thought I was going to say something bad huh? Nope.) I also enjoyed This kat. I also enjoyed this group well I couldn't figure out if they were a group or if they were a crew and just came together. But i looked on the TV & it said kas The God there for that's the name Im going to use! Now Kas and crew (didn't catch the other two names sorry) But they put on a show. Kas was up there air hunching and rolling his hips around. It was just good to me... I think his hip hop rock track was put some sugar on me! You don't believe me? Check the clip The best right!!!! Now the other group that caught my eye that did an amazing job was Team Irac. Now they put on a fucking show!!!! They had back up dancers that were going to get it. All on the same dance at the same time! Very well put together. But I'm sorry the lady back up dancer with the Fro put the other one to shame. The didn't even need two the way she was going to get it. In real life chick needs to be a back up dancer on someones tour RIGHT NOW! She was doing her thing. Compared. The other chick was blah. And I'm so jello! They outfits were spiffy as hell!!!! They get major points in my book. And I didn't even mind the two million people on stage. Why do I feel differently about their two million people on stage. Because they weren't up there the whole. Time. When the I guess biggest song came on. Or the one everyone knew came on. Then people rushed the stage. Major difference. This kats are nice. Now I have to shake my head at a few things.... 1 the video I saw called "Shake it like a donkey!" wow.... no words for that. Its a very rare moment when Empress Journee has nothing to say... This would be one of those. Lies I tell how you going to have a song called shake it like a donkey but have nothing but it pit bulls in the video... That's my only thought on that....

Awesomely Random Moment: Chick making her ass clap in the aisle. I was waiting on the singles to start flying! It was so awesomely random!

I've been in this game for a while now. And I've been in a club "rain" storm more then once. (IE someone making it rain) And I'm still amazingly shocked at how people will run knock other folk down for a few singles. I'm sure the most anyone person got was $5. And I be damn if i run and knock down old women and kids to get $5. Hell I guess I got a big Ego!

Random Mess Up: Now the best random mess up of the night was the chick trying to be cute and announce the "winner" and bust out "And the winter is?" The winter is cold we know but who is the winner lol. Sorry that tripped me out.

Now most people know me and know how I feel on these issues! But my questions are as followed.....
* Why dose it take 3 million people to accept one award. That's officially doing too much!
* Why must people get on stage and do their whole cd? If its not your release party trust nobody wants to hear your discography! {I'm not dissing I'm educating!}

Now I have to give much love to the singers that blessed the stage. They had some amazing talent on that front. I really missed a lot of the groups names and people names do to the host. I could only understand like every three words that came out his mouth! Between his accent and drunkenness I really don't know what to say... Well I do ok honestly I'm not from SC and I really don't know much about their promoters down there. I know a few. So I don't know who this man is to SC! But I do know that they should have got someone else to host the show. 1st he was drunk. I mean to the point where everything he said sound like ramblings. (to me.) And he didn't say nothing funny! Not nothing. Just kept talking about how he had drink in his cup! (I call it drink but I mean alcohol). And by the end of the show this kat was gone! He started doing this lip popping thing that worked my nerves to no end! I had to V-Blog about it....
And I also noticed that a few of those rappers last night was knocking on 40 still trying to rap.... WOW....
And needless to say how much tht drunkingness errrked me so I had to do it a part two of some sorts.


NightFall914 said...

Can't disagree with any of that.

Hey what camera you using to record ya vids.?

Empress Journee' said...

LOL A Flip

KayJay said...

Drunk cat lip poppin'?

I woulda told son to shut the fuck up, stop lip poppin', put down that cup of drink & grow a set of balls! Fuck he think he is, Tracy Morgan?

Old Rappers: I agree with ALL that shit!

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