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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ish Like This only happens to me!

OK I am fresh back from the club! Couldn't even sleep before blogging about tonights events. So this week I have really stepped out of my bubble partying in places you wouldn't normally see me. (LOL) But tonight I had to help my homeboy celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday BJ!!!) But Im really over my club years. (Sad but true) So I found me a nice spot. Posted up. Kicked back and watched what was going on.... I ran into a old friend so we got to chopping it up. He dipped. And then it happen. This old man came macking on me. He got to telling me his life story. Y es I can tell you how he was born in SC. Moved to NY. Then came back down here. He is 47 years old... (I can go on). So I just sat there eating my skittles (Some people seemed to get a kick out of me bringing "snacks" in the club. But hell I'm not going to lie to no one. I had the munchies! Blame it on the acohol lol.) So I'm eating my skittles and I drop one. It falls down my shirt. (I did have on a low cut shirt) He asked where it went... I stood up shake my shirt it falls to the ground... It hits the ground. Yes the ground of the club.... It honestly bounced off the sofa and then hit the ground...

********** Extreme Nastyness coming**********

This man proceeds to pick said skittle up from the floor and eat it... Looks at me and says 3 second rule!!!!

I have no I repeat no words for such nastyness... Who do shit like that? please let me know! Who would pick up anything from the floor of a fucking club and put it in their mouths.... Do you know what happens in the club... Need we revisit the making love in the club post???
Its some nasty ish in the club....
I'm just saying if that man wakes up this morning with a fuzzy tongue and two days preggers with a sour patch kid.... Its to no fault but his own... Cause that's just nasty!


KayJay said...

Maybe that was his way of lettin' you know how he gets down....Bumbaclat!

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