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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Now people think I'm trippin but honestly every few years a Ode 2 STD's comes out. And people go crazy about these tracks too. I can take it back to the beginning of time but I think I will just keep it on the more recent tip. A few years ago we had Usher letting it burn.... why he insist on letting something burn is beyond me. In this day and age they have all types of creams and shots.... You don't have to let shit burn. So why he wants to is just a puzzling thought! Now here comes that damn LiL Wayne with that track every girl... wow really... now you know so many mindless lil folk going to sit here and try and make this track a realty. Not thinking hell every girl in the world aint clean. If every girl in the world is clean, then there wouldn't be any std's!!!!! And LiL Wayne is the last person to follow after... The way he knocking up chicks. You can tell he's not the condom wearing type. So who knows what he has caught. But hell... I guess folk that's itching and scratching need a track to bop to too. lol O I can't wait to hear the next ode to s.t.d.'s

Don't let the music catch you slipping.


KayJay said...

Man...No words.

At least after the "Every Girl" video, they coulda put a PSA up about safe sex.

And I see Lil' Wayne is tryna have more kids than Flava Flav, Shabba Ranks & Beenie Man put together!

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