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Friday, August 21, 2009

Journee on Traffic AGAIN

Look due to me getting stuck in meaningless traffic again... Its time we revisit the topic! Period! Photobucket

There is really no reason for traffic.

As I make that long commute to work each day. It hits me, like a stack of rocks. I know why there is traffic in cities across the US. So sit back. EJ is about to break it down! So it will forever and consistently be BROKE! There are only I’m going to say 10 or so people who cause morning and afternoon traffic. If there isn’t an accident! Car trouble! Or road-work! It’s no reason for traffic. NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!!

--> Morning traffic is caused by people who don’t like their jobs.

They are dreading the work day ahead. There for they will go 35 on the highway just to prolong their arrival. Since they don’t want to get to work, they don’t want you to get to work on time either. Thus the traffic jams. (Yes we have a few people who are just running late and want to shave or brush their teeth while driving. But the one’s I’ve encountered haven’t held up traffic. Just put other people in jeopardy…)

----> Afternoon traffic is caused by people who don’t want to go home….

Either they don’t want to be in the relationship they are in. And don’t want to see that person. Or there is no food in the house! & they don’t want that round of ramen noodles for the 7th day in a row. Or just don’t like their living lifestyle.

Either way it go… Get the hell over it and either move out the damn way. Or get a shrink, new job. Or learn how to spice up your noodles. Something. But you need to pull it together…


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