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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Empress Journee 2009 Wrap Up

So standing here on the dawn of 2010, I cannot help but look over the passed year. And I just want to recap the goinz of what happen! Compared to 2008 this was the best fucking year ever!!! Let's see... I started the year off with a bang, LOL I should have known it was going to be bonkers.... This is my 1st year being single since the divorce. I had honestly forgot how
crazy dating can be. From the crazy who has been trying to get his ish together for the last five years. I do not know what the hell that was about! And who can forgot the crazy who had a bitch fit because I did not sit on what you thought was the proper side of the table for a young lady to sit on.... In real life... What is wrong with guys these days? I happen to run into a bunch of crazys from my past... who just reminded me why they were just that my passed.

I also got a chance to show my best friend Ozy the west coast for the 1st time. We had a ball from laughing at the crazys on Venice Beach, to just the whole feel and vybe. He liked it so much he moved to LA in October. I miss him. But I will be moving to the west coast in 2010 too. So things are about to switch up. Ozy was also in a movie coming out in 2010 called Pathways!!! I cannot wait to see it.

I was also in four videos this year. If I had a fat ass I would be a vexen!!! LoL. Watch out!!!

I got to go to my very 1st SC Music Awards! It was different! i will tell you like this. That was one for the record books. One way or another.

I also did something I do not ever see happening again! Chick went on a cross country road trip. WOOOOOW Drove from Greensboro NC to Denver CO! I do not see myself ever doing that again! Not never!!!!

This year I was able to start my podcast and net radio station (still working out the kinks but so on deck... in the mean time check out the podcast we are a few shows deep and getting a good response.... So we just going to keep tellin whats on our mind.... Mad love going out to KB!!!)

Closer to the end I was interviewed as a part of this documentary that my homie What What (He hates when I call him that!!!!) But if you're on twitter -> @Mehkavelli I cannot wait to see this. Droppin during CIAA in Feb. So if you are in Charlotte during that time I will hit you off with the details. You can find out the real real about the Charlotte music biz. yes we have one.

Like I said way too muuch has happened this year. Just know I am very thankful for everything... I could not have asked for a better year. Now I did get this shoe addiction that I could prob do without. But hell we all have our vices! But keep watching. I promise some crazy shit is about to go down!!!!!! I am back bloggin!!!

Finally I got a chance to start my blog and meet all you great readers!!! I also neglected it! I's sorry!!!!

2009 EJ & KB wrap up dropping later today!!!!! Be on the look out!!!


KayJay said...

Greatness! And neck chops!

2010 will be very interesting. Lookin' forward to it, EJ!

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